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Pycom is making great products and they have a very active community.

The SiPy is a triple bearer MicroPython enabled micro controller  – perfect enterprise grade IoT platform for your connected Things. With the latest Espressif ESP32 chipset the SiPy offers a perfect combination of power, friendliness and flexibility. Create and connect you things everywhere. Fast. Our module is CE, FCC, IC and RCM certified!

The SiPy comes with one year of free access to the Sigfox Network.

 Please Update your firmware as soon as you get your board and follow the instructions to register  your SiPy with Sigfox.

Check out how easy is to send messages with the Sipy Class.

Pycom Forum 

Quickstart Guide 

Board Documentation and Pinout 

Do not forget to grab one of the Expansion Boards and also an  Antenna Kit